MDC Venture Debt Advisory Committee

Matt serves on Madison Development Corporation's Venture Debt Advisory Committee, assessing technology companies for program participation.

da Vinci Systems

Challenge: Manufacturer of equipment and software for the film and television industries sought objective assessment of worldwide market share and of business growth potential in selected segments.

Solution: A multi-stage project that began with baseline market research, evolved to develop hypothesis about a specific business opportunity, and concluded with research and analysis to verify/refine opportunity scope.

American Family Insurance

Challenge: Department sought to support corporate Web 2.0 initiative by learning about and applying relevant practices and tools

Solution: External implementation of pilot project to explore collaborative tools and share information. Applied pilot implementation to two projects:

Custom Technology Limited

Business adviser to high-tech start-up

Challenge: Technology-oriented founder seeks business expertise, application focus, and funding credibility to advance proprietary technology.

Solution: Coached owner and advisory team in conceptualizing, researching, and creating business plan for entry into Governor's Business Plan contest with ~300 participants. Winning finish significantly advanced company's business focus, elevated visibility within investment community, and secured SBIR grant funding.

World Health Organization

Consultant to a specialized agency of the United Nations (Switzerland).

Challenge: Improve the productivity and quality of data collection and analysis for field medical studies, automate manual processes, and evolve legacy systems, all involving diverse international locations, and complex organizational/cultural ecologies

Solution: Complement the design of state-of-the-art IT systems with development of best practices for staff, updating of systems and practices to speed adoption by diverse cultures, and sourcing external resources where appropriate.

Agency for International Development (USAID)

Partnered with colleague possessing complimentary skills to deliver introductory training to IT group seeking to transition from proprietary to open technology.

Challenge: Enable ongoing knowledge acquisition within limited budget

Solution: Combined high-level subject-matter material with training on how to access local and national resources to enable internal champions continue to acquire knowledge and credibility.

Dynatech Video Group

President of Dynatech Video International, a P&L unit of a publicly-traded company manufacturing hardware and software for television content creation and distribution industries.

Challenge: Revitalize a stagnant international business built upon individual efforts of acquired product lines.

Solution: Repositioned business as successful vendor in high-growth segments.

Computervision Corporation

Product Marketing Director for a publicly-traded company selling systems and software for CAD/CAM/CAE.

Challenge: Corporate strategy to rapidly grow international revenue

Solution: Create worldwide technical marketing program to complement and support local office/distributor sales/marketing expertise, helping drive international sales to over 50% of total revenue.

Sigma Design

Product Group Vice President for a supplier of software for architectural design and facilities management

Challenge: Expand channels of distribution

Solution: Identified international market as growth opportunity. Acquired dealers in Europe and Asia, then worked with them to enhance product to support local languages and practices. Major effort language support for Japanese product launch, which became a case study chapter in the book Designing User Interfaces for International Use (Amsterdam, 1990).

Other Clients - International

ABL (Canada) GDC Technology (China)
Alcatel (France) Golden Harvest Entertainment (China)
Bell Canada Jazz Media Network (Canada)
Cintel (UK) Sony Latin America
Discreet (Canada) Teleglobe (Canada)
ECI Telecom (Israel) Vinten (UK)
Fuji-Keizai (Japan)
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