Innovative approaches to "triple net" (financial, environmental, and social sustainability) bottom lines create an ecology for long-term business success.

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Energy Stewards

Challenge: Consulting practice with online community software for building energy efficiency sought to grow business and improve financial performance.

Solution: Created project-oriented financial/business planning methodology and tools to ensure proposals captured all costs and yielded high margins. Client won largest-ever utility contract using this approach.


Vertatique - Sustainable Computing, Media, Devices supports the efforts of progressive enterprises and practitioners and informs Matt's work. Vertatique also provides a testbed for rapid deployment using open source and other agile publishing resources and for social media integration.

Building an international audience has been a key objective for the Vertatique initiative. The site and its Twitter feed, @GreenICT, is now referenced in over 80 countries . Vertatique content is cited worldwide.

Website Statement of Sustainable Computing

This website strives for sustainability through these actions:
- Site runs on an Intel 5100 series server with energy-saving features.
- Hosting uses virtualization to reduce energy consumption / heat generation from idling resources during periods of low utilization.
- Office is powered by 100% renewable energy (wind) and practices office paper source reduction and recycling.
- Offset carbon emissions from the operation of externally-hosted website.
- Disposal of out-of-service electronics through an ISO 14001 certified recycler.

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