Sustainability Backgrounder


Innovation for Sustainability, Environmental, and Outdoor Initiatives

Non-profit organizations and business initiatives seeking to improve their sustainability, expand their reach, and successfully execute challenging missions need creative solutions and innovative leadership. These enterprises can benefit from Matt’s experience in business development and funding, strategic planning, marketing, media and technology, and enterprise management. A life-long career in technology-oriented business sectors and extensive international experience has given Matt an appreciation for change and transformation. This background has honed the skills required to quickly learn, internalize, and contribute when working with new cultures, missions, and stakeholder communities.

Specific areas of contribution include:

· Sustainability leadership – Organizations delivering or using technology-based products and services can benefit from the Vertatique project to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and minimize e-waste.

· New market development – Matt recognizes that expanding an enterprise’s reach and impact often requires a refocus toward unfamiliar geographical, generational, or other demographics. Successful missions included success as a P&L executive leveraging an American technology manufacturer into the Asia-Pacific market and as a board member refocusing a non-profit toward recruiting younger members.

· Marketing and media – Executive responsibilities in international marketing and in the electronic media industries brings extensive experience to planning and executing outcome-oriented engagement with diverse stakeholder communities. He advances his missions as a speaker and program producer for conferences, as a writer for books, professional/trade journals and blogs, and as a quoted source in The New York Times, USA Today, and Wired.

· Funding – Matt has secured funding for public and private initiatives through venture capital, grants, fundraising, joint venture, and other mechanisms.

· Membership recruiting, retention, and activity – As founder and president of a company to provide online viewer/subscriber programs to media businesses, Matt understands how to successfully apply the latest technologies and practices to this mission. Currently, he is working with the creator of Energy Stewards, an online communities application, to position it within utility companies’ efficiency and renewables initiatives.

Matt’s commitment to sustainability, the environment, and the outdoors grew from his early enthusiasm for outdoor recreation and he remains active with skiing, bicycling, hiking, camping, canyoneering, and outdoor photography. He has woven the themes of environment and sustainability into his professional work and is most recently the founder of the Vertatique project to promote sustainability in the creation and application of IT, media, and digital devices.

Recognizing that society progresses through advancements in both the public and private sectors, Matt has worked to forge partnerships between businesses and educational institutions and has consulted to a diverse set of public-sector organizations that have included the specialized agencies of the United Nations, USAID, University of Southern California, and non-profit industry associations. He assists local non-profits on a pro-bono basis, including service as a board member.

Matt’s education includes a BA from Boston College University, graduate courses at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, executive education at the Harvard Business School’s International Strategic Marketing Management program in Europe, and sustainability learning through the Natural Step program.