Matt PetersonDuring the years that I've been going to Las Vegas for Comdex, NAB, CES, infoComm, and/or ShowWest, I've found that post-show time in the desert provides welcome balance to both the shows and Vegas itself.

"After Las Vegas" gives like-minded visitors a forum to share ideas on post-show experiences in natural world outside of Las Vegas.

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"After Las Vegas" is SWI's testbed for Web 2.0 (Internet NG) tools, including used:
- open source content management system (Drupal)
- embedded Google maps (see "Satellite Images" page)
- microformats and geo-location tools
- Google Ad Sense and Amazon Associates advertising programs
- Google Analytics and other reporting tools

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Great way to decompress...

... from the "excitement" of the show.

It's good to show there's more to Nevada and the area around Las Vegas then the casinos and mega hotels. Many thanks for the tour guide. I've done some, but you've inspired me to visit the others.

Drupal vs. Wordpress

I originally implemented this site with Wordpress as an early experiment using open source software, but converted it to Drupal after other experiments indicated that Drupal was the better choice. Drupal's site is http://drupal.org/.

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