Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is worth a look if you're in that part of Lake Mead NRA. But be warned: the tourist traffic is heavy, the post-911 tour is minimal, and the declining lake doesn't produce the dynamic flow shown on the official site.

Colorado River just below Hoover Dam

The River (Not So) Wild

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Hoover Dam, NV, USA : 36.015, -114.736


Lake Mead to Dry Up in 13 Years?

This is possible, according to a new study by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography: "There is a 50 percent chance Lake Mead . . . will be dry by 2021 if climate changes as expected and future water usage is not curtailed . . . there is a 10 percent chance that Lake Mead could be dry by 2014 . . . there is a 50 percent chance that reservoir levels will drop too low to allow hydroelectric power generation by 2017."

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