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Web Geolocation Test


This is a test of HTML5’s mobile web capabilities.
Click the button to get your coordinates:

(This worked for a while, but now appears not to work. We are clearly still in the early stages of this technology.)

Testing the iPad GPS in Nevada

I headed to the Red Rock Canyon area outside of Las Vegas in 2011 to test a $3 GPS app (MotionX GPS HD) on my iPad2. This model iPad has true GPS circuitry that accesses the global positioning system of satellites. It is not dependent on WiFi or data connectivity to determine its location, although it uses them where available to complement the GPS data. Not all tablets and smartphones have this. Many use other geo-location techniques such as cell tower triangulation, but these should not be called ‘GPS’.

Here are the illustrated results of a hiking test and a driving test, followed by my bottom-line assessment. Continue reading