Cameras with GPS

There are increasing GPS options for photographers. I’ll note some hear as people tell me about their experiences with them. Here’s a couple from friends:

Bill bought a Nikon Coolpix AW110 with built in GPS and WiFi..  His assessment after the first week, “This one works really well. Very impressed with the GPS and the camera functions.”  I look forward to a detailed report.

David has a model from the Panasonic LUMIX series. He tells me that he thinks the GPS eats up the battery pretty quickly when turned on.

I have three Canons – a P&S, a SLR, and a DSLR – so I’m interested in what Canon is doing.  None of the 2013 DSLRs – SL1, T5i, 70D – appear to have a built-in GPS. They, like most Canon DSLRs, require Canon’s outboard GPS units, which range from $400-$600.

The EOS 6D is the only model that has built-in GPS, along with wireless. “Perfect for travel and nature photography, the built-in GPS allows location data to be recorded while shooting.” The 6D body lists for $2K.


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