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Links to reviews and info about hiking GPS apps and map-based data visualization.
Hiking GPS app reviews posted in past year:
How to use the iPhone as a GPS mapping device for backpacking from AdventureAlan (July 2012)
Best Hiking apps from Digital Trend (April 2013)
“We recommend the Trimble Outdoors app for its navigation features (requires additional purchase of area-specific maps) and the Topo Maps app for the best value (iPhone/iPod only, download unlimited free maps!! before you leave).” from larger article on GPS in Outdoor Gear Lab. (July 2013)

Free map-based data visualization tools:

The Global DevInfo Initiative, led by UNICEF on behalf of the UN system, is dedicated to furthering human development by offering information technology-based solutions aimed at addressing development-related challenges. This is achieved by integrating management information systems, geographic information systems, software training, technical support services, data dissemination solutions and technical publications.

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