Very-High-Definition Landscape Visualization

My photographer friend, Grant, creates art pieces that reveal both the abstract patterns inherent landscapes and  the man-made patterns we impose over them. His newest works involve the aesthetic selection and careful composition of satellite earth imagery into photos, each containing a quarter-billion pixels. These very-high-definition images make exquisitely detailed pictures when printed onto 4’x 6′ canvases, but how to experience them on a standard display screen?

We worked with the GigaPan service to render his works as image tile databases uploaded to the GigaPan site. The company offers a special viewer that then lets one zoom and pan through the images to experience each work’s richness at any scale. We had to overcome a number of technical challenges in the image preparations and in embedding the viewer in Grant’s site, but the results have generating lots of positive feedback from earth art aficionados. View all five here!

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