Visualization Tools, 17th-Century

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This post is a little off-topic, but relevant to those interested in visualization tools.

Tim’s Vermeer is a fascinating movie that follows the 5+ year long quest by a maker of 20th century digital visualization tools – Tim Jenison of Video Toaster fame – to understand the 17th century analog visualization tools likely used by Johannes Vermeer.  The film is narrated by Penn and directed by Teller. Its trailer is below.

Las Vegas habitués like Penn and Teller understand the concept of the ‘tell’ – an unconscious action that betrays something about a person.  As I’ve told people about the movie, I’ve discovered a ‘tell’ that gives away those who worked in the 1990s television equipment industry.

“Is Kiki in it?” they ask.  “Only for a few seconds,” I reply.

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